by f.eks



'We desire the effects of conduction and the conduction of effects. Lysis, thesis.'

'when we say 'effects', it is not a matter of the effects of causes. It is not a question of referring the responsibility for the effect to the cause, of saying: if this discourse, if this face, this music, produce these effects, it is because . . It is precisely not a matter of ana-lysing (not even 'schizo-analysis'), in a discourse that will necessarily be one of knowledge, but rather of sufficiently refining ourselves, of becoming sufficiently anonymous conducting bodies, not in order to stop the effects, but to conduct them into new metamorphoses, in order to exhaust their metamorphic potential (puissance] , the force (puissance] of effects that travels through us.'

Jean-François Lyotard (1974), Libidinal Economy, p. 258-259.


released March 22, 2021

All sounds and production by Emile Bojesen

Mastered by Mike Wright

Cover design by Ansgar Allen


all rights reserved



Hoopoe Industries England, UK

Hoopoe Industries was founded by Emile Bojesen and Ansgar Allen in 2020 and is a home to music of a variety of disciplines, often implicitly or explicitly relating to written work.

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